OpenGL: Rotation question


I wanna begin by noting that I’m not an advanced OpenGL programmer, I’m just getting into 3d graphics/space.

Now, on with my question/problem. Im trying to rotate objects, as they’re being drawn. Im drawing a crude terrain map of triangle strips and drawing an object (line strip) on every other simulated quad in the terrain. I’m using the Y axis for height, X and Z representing N,E,W,S.

What would be the easiest way to rotate those line strips when they’re being drawn, if the pivot point is never being changed? I hope my question is being communicated well. If its not, let me know and I’ll see if I can put up some images to show what I’m trying to do.


where are you drawing the line strips?? I don’t get it…

I don´t get completely what you want to do but I think you should look into



I feared that a lack of information may be the problem. There is a better explantion, with an image showing what I’m trying to do at the following post on the NeHe forum:

Hope this clears up my question a bit.

TIA, Chris