OpenGL rendering background texture

I have a simple 3d model consisting of a plane with a background image, a torus, six cameras and 4 point light sources. The model is built in Blender and I want to export it and re-render it using OpenGL so that I am able to control extra camera intrinsic parameters (p.p.) for generating the scenes. If I export the model using .obj format, is OpenGL able to render the background image which is set to be the texture of the plane in Blender? Thanks

OpenGL is not a rendering and modeling software suite like Blender. It is just a low level API that provides an interface for graphics hardware. Blender uses OpenGL, so you can do any rendering that occurs in Blender with OpenGL (unless you are using ray tracing). When using OpenGL directly, you have to program all of the lighting effects, texturing, model loading, etc. yourself. If all you need is some extra camera controls in blender, you may just want to search for a plugin for blender that does what you want, or write your own. You can also use other rendering software (free one: POV ray).