OpenGL Reference.

I am just getting into OpenGL programming, and I am looking for a good reference book. I am especially interested in using OpenGL in a multiprocessor environment (using MPI).

A couple of people have recommended the following book:

Open GL Programming for the X-Window System
by: Mark J. Kilgard

Is this a good book? Can anyone recommend another good resource for beginners?

Any help would be appreciated.


Here are some good books to help you out with openGL

The OpenGL SuperBible 2ed edition - Good intro book, does alot with Microsoft windows though.

OpenGL Refrence Manual (aka The blue book) - Gives the openGL commands and how to use them

OpenGL Programming for the X Windows system (AKA the green book )-

And last but not least the one openGL book that I dont have yet:
OpenGL Programming (Aka The Red Book).

Hope that helps

Try these sites if you would like to see what the “Red Book” and “Blue Book” are. These following links are the actual books but they are online and free to you.

Otherwise try going to the NEHE site (there’s a link from the opengl main site) and they offer a tutorial type CD filled with lessons and examples. Enjoy…

OpenGl Programming Guide “Red Book”…/7109;cd=7;td=6

OpenGL Reference Manual “Blue Book”…kView;cd=7;td=6

Thanks for all the help.

It sounds like the “red”, “blue”, and “green” books would be a good set to have.
Thanks for the links to the online versions of the red and blue books.

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