OpenGL Reference Manual & Programming Guide?

I have been away from OpenGL programming for about a year now.

There used to be online copies of the “Blue Book” and “Red Book” available from the University of Kansas. However the links I have no longer work.

Are these online resources still available?

Could someone please point me to online copies of these books?

If not, I guess I will just have to invest in two excellent references.

Thank you,

Search in NeHe WebSite, there are good documents, and also there is a copy of the red book.
the url is:


I was able to find links to both the “Red” and “Blue” books there.

Thanks again,

this is off topic, but is there a way I can save the entire page of the Blue and Red book onto my hard drive so i do not have to be online to view it? I remember there was a program to do it but forgot the name


In Internet Explorer you can add the Blue Book page to your favorites, and when doing so select “Make available offline”, then set it to make pages 1 page deep available too. Since that BlueBook link on NeHe’s goes to is an index, it should make most if not all of the BlueBook available offline.