OpenGL Redbook Samples

I’ve been going through The OpenGL Programming Guide (AKA the red book). All the examples are available for download here ( When I try to run them I get the following error.

This application has failed to start because glut.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem.
After hunting down glut.dll and placing it in the folder with my examples, I get this error.

…failed to start because opengl.dll was not found…
After hunting down opengl.dll I get yet another error and this time google is no help.

…failed to start because HfxClasses.dll was not found…
I get the feeling that these all should have come together in a pack or something. I’m lost. What to do? Where do I get these mystery libraries? I can’t find any info on

?? Ok your are excused for glut.dll, it is not installed by default (btw I think you 'd better get glut32.dll from the GLUT homepage )

About opengl32.dll, that seem very strange, because it is installed by default in all Windows since win98.

>> After hunting down opengl.dll
what do you mean ? you downloaded it from a website ? Normally this dll should stay in your windows system32 folder.

blahbalh hfxclasses seem very specific to your machine.

Are you sure you did not mess with your system ? What OS is it ?
Did you install properly your graphic card drivers ? Those implements OpenGL throught hardware.

Please give more details about your system.

download glut from here(binary-install it and source-contains updated redbook example plus slew others)

…and get the latest drivers for your card. That should install opengl*.dll