OpenGL red book 4.3 or SuperBIble 4.3?

Which book do you recommend for a beginner? I heard from another friend who is a beginner that the red book 4.3 does not do a fine job of explaining VAO usage. It is limited to the introductory example near the start of the book and there is nothing more detailing the API. It seems the Red Book 4.3 is more of an API and openGL capabilities reference. The SuperBible 4.3 is coming out soon and is supposedly radically revised. I looked at the table of contents for the previous editions of the SuperBible and could not find any reference to VAO? For a beginner who has taken a college course on OpenGL, is the SuperBible or the RedBook more suitable? Unfortunately I cannot find a table of contents for the SuperBible 4.3 to make that judgment.

Your input would be valuable