OpenGL & Radeon Mobility HD 2600 on XP Pro

Hey community. I’m not sure if anyone has heard of this, but I’ve got an ASUS F3Ka laptop with ATI Radeon Mobility HD 2600 video card in it. I’ve switch from Vista to XP and finally got all of my drivers. The problem is it seems that this driver doesn’t have OpenGL support. I’ve looked through several forums and tried several different versions of the driver, however any time I’ve seen this problem posted, there’s been no solution.

I read an early post on this board saying that there’s no “OpenGL driver” I could get (which I figure), but I thought I might post here to see if anyone had any answers or could help me figure this out (I’ve had bad results so far =/).


Laptops video drivers are often problematic.
I heard some good things about the unofficial omega drivers…

That’s what I’m using. Unfortunately, still no cigar =/. I suppose I’ll have to add Vista back to my OS list :stuck_out_tongue: