OpenGL Radeon 9200?

Hey i just bought Medal of Honor Allied Assualt and it requires OpenGl. Im not familiar with this at all so its rather hard for me. I installed it but to play i have to have opengl or something like that. i installed a scitech opengl driver and it worked and i could play but it was the 21 day free trial version and the companys advertisment kept coming up so i uninstalled it, and now i cant play again. So any help please?
thank you

bump…please help
Just download drivers for your card and OS, OpenGL support is included :

It may need to update directx. There is a good program that determines which version of directx i opengl, and immediately provides links to official sites for updates. Prog called OpenGL Viewer, you can download here OpenGL Viewer

Beware, I would not trust a random program coming from depositfiles …

Throw that thing in the garbage and move into the modern age.