OpenGL Question(s)

Hello, i was wondering if anyone can answer these questions…

  1. I have a Win 98, where does OPENGL go after i install it?


  1. Where can i get Hewlett Packard driver updates? I checked the main site, no answers.

If you can answer these questions please either email me: , Or reply here with an answer

Hi, when you have Windows 98 you have “opengl32.dll” and “glu32.dll” in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 or C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM. These libraries are dinamically loaded with OpenGL games and so on. If you have installed Microsoft Visual Studio, you have “opengl32.lib” and “glu32.lib” too for linking your OpenGL applications in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio…”. Therefore, you have “gl.h”, “glu.h” and “glaux.h” for your include files and C/C++ code.

  1. In addition, if your video card manufacturer supports OpenGL, you will have driver files in the \windows\system(32) directory as well. The names of these differ from one manufacturer to the next. When an application selects an accellerated pixel format, OpenGL calls are passed through opengl32.dll to the driver DLLs. But you don’t need to know any of this, and you shouldn’t try to delete, rename, or move these files yourself. Let the driver installation program do it for you.

  2. You have to look harder. They’re not going to have a flashing sign on their homepage that says, “Hey, sliverdemon, click here to download OpenGL drivers.” Try going to the downloads section for your computer model. Also, what card do you have? If it is nVidia or ATI, you might try just getting them from the respective chip manufacturer’s website. This can occasionally cause problems, but most people do it because computer manufacturers (and even some video card manufacturers) are notoriously slow at passing on driver updates to their customers. They seem to be more interested in roping in new customers than providing support for existing ones.