OpenGl, QuakeIII, S3 IX mobile

Can anyone help?

I have a PIII 600 laptop w/s3 IX mobile 4meg
and there is no openGL drivers for it. Quake III will not play without openGL. Any suggestions??

I have the same problem trying to run Soldier of Fortune on my laptop. I have a Hewlet packard with the S3 IX/MX. I saw somewhere that someone got the drivers from the Toshiba web site and the IBM web site, but I couldn’t find them.

I’ll have to take a look there.
My Laptop is a HP also ‘N5170’ Pavillion

I’m going to try this. I think it tricks the opengl software into using the DirectX drivers. It’s at under the altopengl link. It’s called altogl.exe. I have the HP 5130 and I’m trying to play soldier of fortune on it.

Well it worked. I unzipped the file, renamed altogl.dll to opengl32.dll and put it into c:\windows\system, saving the old one of course. Soldier of Fortune works fine now. I don’t know about quake III.