OpenGL probs with OS 9.2.2

When I try to start Quake 3 I get the following Quake 3 error: ‘could not initialize OpenGL’
I have OS 9.2.2,

After a systemcrash my system is updated from 9.1 to 9.2.2

What can I do to solve this prob?

My 2cents: As an Ogl developer I’ve simply given up on Ogl on Mac before 10.2.6. Upgrade. And you likely need to upgrade your graphics hw too.

I think, that’s not a Clever answer, because some machines can’t handle Mac OS 10, so your solution will not work.
Maybe, OpenGL should support older machines and show a better support to their customers.
That’s only my opinion.

This is a common problem. It’s an id support issue; contact them.

I second the advice to upgrade. Chances are if you can run Q3A, you can run Mac OS X.

Incidentally, only the Rage 128 and above can properly support OpenGL. If you have a lesser card, it scarcely surprising it doesn’t work.

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