OpenGl probs. w/Alice,Oni,H2

Hello, i have a 3D Prophet 2 Gts 64 mb… I used to have H2 installed and the game worked fine w/my old drivers 5.32 from guillermot…but since then i have dl Glsetup and it still did not help out with any OpenGl games that i run? SO, i have since then deleted Glsetup and dl the new Detonator 3 drivers from Nvidia…they work great with all my D3D games such as UT,Giants,RUne…etc… but not with OpenGl… u think maybe the glsetup even though deleted, is still sharing files or corrupting something?? Like i said after i first got the card, everything worked fine…i have also put the origional drivers back and still dont work?? Any help on this would be appreciated! THanks