OpenGL problems in Counter-Strike

When i use the default driver for OpenGL i get the error message Bad Surface extents 752/0. When i use the nvopengl.dll driver I get the error “The selected OpenGL mode is not supported by your video card”, i read earlier post’s and checked for DVA in the win.ini but it does not exist.
Are there any solutions to this problem??

What do you mean by default driver and nvopengl.dll driver? The system should pick the best OpenGL driver for you. Card/OS/driver version?

The card is Elsa Gladiac 920 GeForce3, OS is Win98 SE, Driver is Detonator 12.90 (same prob with 12.41). I guess default wouldn’t really be a driver but i was told that if you find the vid cards opengl driver and put it in the gldrv folder in HL then tell it to use that driver HL & CS would preform better, the cards driver is nvopengl.dll. Hope you can help.

I have never heard of the nvopengl.dll trick but it seems unlikely. The program is calling opengl32.dll that takes care of loading any hardware specific files like nvopengl.dll

The “Bad Surface” error is perhaps a DirectX error? I think that nvidia is using DirectX during initiation of OpenGL on Windows. If you do not have DX8 shuld you install it.

If that does not help do I think that you should contact nvidia. Is it a problem with this game only or all OpenGL games?

It is only a problem with the game, i have done some more reading and the error of Bad surface extents amounts to a corrupted install, I have re-installed HL and CS and that seems to have solved the problem hopefully it won’t re-occur. Thank you for your help