Opengl problems for games

Hi i have a GeForce4 mx440 and i am having a some trouble. Yesterday everything was fine when i played games like counterstirke and warcraft3, but today i ran into some errors. First for cs i had the video mode on opengl and today it said my card didn’t sport Opengl. For warcraft3 it treid to load an opengl file and couldn’t and i got an error saying Game.dll wans’t found or osmethin like that. I’ve updated the drivers and also tried uninstalling it and reinstalling. i treid it with windows drivers, the driver from my card and the nvidia drivers on the website. None of it seemed to work i was wondering if u had any suggestions

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Let me guess. You have WinXP?

join the club of cant get games working, try looking at ur monitors disable 1 if there r two, if ur desperate download glderect from sci tech then get a crack, it sucks, but it works… i dont use, it,

BTW, warcarft 3 is a D3D game. I think version 6 or 7.

Just re-update your drivers. I dont know what happened but XP isn’t the best OS on the block in case you didnt hear.

more like the worst microsoft is to lazy , they want everything to be direct x, direct x is kind of crappy,they should partneur with open gl and then we could actally delte this forum lol