OpenGL problem

I am having problems with the OpenGL. Just all of a suden when I tried to lauch QuakeIII, I get “cant load OpenGL subsystem” I have went to the start up screen and went to OpenGL and went threw the procces, but now i get a grey sreen and it freezes, the only thing i can move is the mouse cusor.
, restarted my computer and nothing still happens. I miss Quake
I am running with Win98, Voodoo3, I dont know whats up going on, just trying to get it up and running again. I have reinstalled it twice, still nothing.

you could try running GLSetup. i think there is a link to it somewhere on this site. it looks and checks to see if you have the latest versions of your GL drivers. good luck


Hmmm…maybe this aint too bright, but did you try installing USB support in ur windows ? MS Windows has some issues around that while using OpenGL. Well… it IS weird (considering that USB sup should be built in in 98) but it worked for me… so you could try.