OpenGL Problem

Not sure if this is the right place for this but i cant find any specifically for OpenGL.

Iv had a client come to me with a problem with his graphics. he tries to run return to castle wolfenstein but it reports an error with the opengl component; saying it cant open the subsystem. i have put in a new graphics card as he was running an old nvidia gf2-mx with 64Mb of memory. have updated to a ati radeon hd2400 (both agp cards on win xp).

upon installing the ati drivers it still hasnt fixed the issue as it has been reported in many of other forums. so i am now looking for a direct download of OPenGL 2.0 or later. my search has led me to khronos as they were the original developer and found a link that said download 3.1 here but all it is is specifications.

Where is the download for the actual software. not building toolkits or the like just a plain basic runtime environment that should (i thought) come with the graphics card drivers?

any help to point me in the right direction is very much appreciated as its driving me insane.

Khronos only maintains the specifications, it’s up to the graphics hardware developers to provide you the drivers that implement them.