OpenGL Problem

Every time I run an opengl application or game the video is distorted around the cursor. I play counter strike and in game the cursor is fixed at the crosshairs making it impossible to see where you are shooting. The error is a small box around the cursor that flashes quickly and shows a distorted version of what the total video was a few frames earlier. The same thing happens when I run google earth in opengl mode.

PC Specs
3.02 Ghz Intel Pentium 4
1024 MB RAM
PCI-e Nvidia 6600GT with latest official drivers

my graphic card is nvidia geforce 4200 TI with AGP8x , i installed the newest forceware available in their website , this “forceware” includes openGL 2.0 but when i try to play counter strike , video options , video modes , i select open GL , and there will be a message appear when i want to start to play , which is “your graphic card doesnt support this type of video mode” and the game must be start with D3d video mode or Software video mode which we all know is a mode for crappy graphics … how do i fix this ? thanks

When you run CS, the mouse should be made invisible. If it is invisible and still shows a distortion, that’s interesting. This may be a OS or driver problem.

a Problem has Occured,
you should create your own thread.