OpenGL problem with RTCW

I am getting the ‘could not open gl system’ error when trying to start the game.

I have a Pentium 1.3, Geforce 2 GTS running WindowsMe.

I read about the fix for opening win.ini and disabling the line DVA = 0. However, That line does not exist in my win.ini.

I also read about the fix getting opengl32.dll from windows/system32 folder and putting it in the RTCW folder and deleting the 3dfxgl.dll file. But, when I can’t find any opengl32.dll file in the system 32 folder and I can’t find any file called 3dfxgl.dll in my RTCW folder.

As it is, I can’t even start the game. If you can offer some help I would appreciate it.

dido - same EXACT preoblem (slightly dif comp tho).

I have reinstalled EVERYTHING. Will be reformating if this can’t be fixed…