OpenGL Problem - Radeon 32mb ddr Win Me

hi, im currently have a OpenGL problem, it works but its incredibly slow, in wide open areas such as Half-Life and Quake 3 my fps drops down around 10fps. I have the latest “Offical” files but its still slow can any of you help me?

Windows ME
Radeon 32mb DDR
k7T Pro 2-1 Motherboard
AMD 1.2ghz Thunderbird
Latest ME Drivers

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I have the same problem with mine. here arre my specs:

1.7gig P4
Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra
256 DDR ram
Radeon 7000 32DDr
Win 2000

I had problems using this card under Windows XP so I put Win2K on and problems went away but now I get low fps. It ran 60+ fps on winXP but now tops 30 FPS. I dunno whats wrong either.

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