opengl problem PLEASE HELP

Ok a week ago i baught a Nvidia 6600GT OC card, i replaced my Radeon 9800 AIW pro with it. WHen i first installed it i played gl-fuhquake and it worked fine. Then i did some crap on the computer, maybe installed drivers and reinstalled them a few times and a few days later saw that none of my GL games are working. The screen goas black, like when it loads the game, and 1 second after going black just goes right back into windows desktop like i dint launch any game whatso ever, and no error or anyuthing. WTF??!@!@ help me pweeese. I tried reinstalled the drivers…dont tell me i have to reinstall windows.

Originally posted by <LeoKasatonov>:
Then i did some crap on the computer
So you know the cause. A complete reinstall is probably the fastest solution if you arent a computer whizkid.

And remember: “Dont fix it, if it aint broken!”