OpenGL prerequiisite?


I got a basic doubt that
does openGL(also OSG) requires GPU?
Can It work on CPU alone?If possible, how could it be done?


OpenGL does not require a GPU. You can use Mesa to run on the CPU:

However, it will be way slower than if you have a GPU.

You didn’t tell us why you are asking that, and what you want to achieve. Because, I could say, with some very strong arguments, that OpenGL does require GPU:

  1. MESA supports up to GL 3.0, but only with some drivers (still you need a graphics accelerator, but a very modest one - read: Intel’s),

  2. Even with the cheapest graphics card (<$50) you can achieve two orders of magnitude better performance, and also use GL up to version 4.2.

Theoretically, yes you can try something (generally up to version 2.1) like testing syntax and have slide-shows, but really, you need a hardware acceleration to try anything seriously. You cannot debug application if you have 1FPS and you have to render thousands of frames.

What was your motive to ask this question?