OpenGL power requirements..

Well, ok. It’s not EXACTLY an OpenGL question, but please forgive me, I would really like to find an answer to this…

My problem: I have a requirement for OpenGL cards of moderate performance in a bunch of computers my company use for graphics, but the power budget is getting VERY tight.

I have been using an NVidia 5700 ultra for some development work in one of these machines, but regularly get hit with the ‘not enough voltage’ warning (which then repeats and causes a big problem…) - We cannot put larger power supplies in them.

What I would LOVE to know is some kind of approximate power usage between the current chips out there. I am considering dropping to the fx5200 series to lower power and heat loads, but am not sure what kind of order of change I can expect.

I REALLY wish these specs were more available! even in a general form!

Have I just missed the numbers? are they available? can anyone even tell me something like ‘5200 uses approx 60% of 5700, which is 80% of 5900’ or anything like that? ATI comments welcomed also! (although at present I tedn towards NVidia for other extension-forced reasons)

Please Help!

You don´t say, what you need the cards for. If your users only work with Office, then plug a TNT into the computer.
If you actually need a good 3D card, than the Gf 5200 might be what you need, but i am not sure.


Check on THG for GeForce 6800 launch review. The power consumption is listed, too. The 5700 Ultra
with GDDR3 uses much less power. The Radeon 9600 XT is using the lowest power in those tests. If I were you, I’d spent a few more bucks and get something better than the 5200…