OpenGL points alternatives

I am working on a 3D editor and I need to mark points on the objects in the editor. OpenGL points are very unattractive (visually). I would like to know what is the most attractive way to create points, maybe using sprites?

The biggest problem is that the points are getting into the object (I must not disable Depth test).

I would like to have points like in 3D Studio Max.


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glPointSize( size ) perhaps ( to get them bigger )

EXT_POINT_PARAMETERS to get some z-division on it…

point_sprites you have to do in software… no one wants to write an

EXT_POINT_SPRITES extension… boring but true… use dx there you can do it… no dont use it its the opengl forum here

Billboard some quads with an attractive-looking point texture on them.

Or use a bitmap font with a point character or asterisk or whatever character you need in a single character string. This avoids rotating and scaling with a billboard. It will always be constant size, but will translate/rotate with the scene.

Did you try enabling point smooth? That will at least make them round, which may be enough.

– Zeno

further info about point smooth for round points.
u must also enable blending with GL_SRC_ALPHA, ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA