OpenGL plotting routines?

Could someone point me to a source for OpenGL* data plotting routines? I mean basic things like drawing axis labels on a 3D data plot, flow vector arrows, and so forth. The sort of things that take some fiddling with to get a decent appearance. I’d rather not spend time re-inventing various wheels, but this plotting needs to be embedded in larger code, so an external plotting app is not really an option.

C code with OpenGL calls would be best, but readily-translatable move/draw commands in any C-ish language would be a step up from coding from scratch.

Any good?

Thanks, but VTK is not really the sort of thing I want. I looked at it (a good while back, for something different), and it falls into the “complicated external app” category. I’d have to figure out how to stuff all my data into its object-oriented streams & do what I’m doing now with plain OpenGl through its less-than-obvious (to me, anyway) mechanisms. Then there’s the whole issue of figuring out how to call its C++ code from C…

What I’m looking for would be a lot simpler: routines like say glutAnnotatedAxis or glutArrow. that I could call as I do e.g. glutSolidSphere instead of writing my own sphere-drawing code.


Perhaps have a dig around on SoruceForge.

What you want is bound to be out there, either in a finished or work in progress form. But it’s bordering on quite simple so you might (even with all the fiddling) find that you can put it together quicker yourself than looking around and learning someone else’s code…

I did something similar a while back and actually made all of my scales in a modeller at unit cube size. I then imported them and scaled them to size, and stuck some numbers down the side…

I would think that something of the sort would be out there somewhere, but I’ve spend a good few hours poking through the output of various Google searches without finding anything. Though I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never managed to master the art of constructing queries that find anything but the most obvious results.

I perhaps could construct something adequate for my present need, but I was hoping for some sort of collection of useful routines, along the lines of GLUT. That is to say that while I have no present need to draw a wireframe teapot, if the occasion ever arises, I know where to find a routine for it :slight_smile: