opengl performance

Hi everyone.

I have a very stupid question.

I’m trying to write some opengl programs and for learning that i’m going through the nehe.gamedev site.

My problem is: I have a PC with an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro with Windows XP, and on that system, everything runs super-fast.
But on my home PC, i have a Geforce 7600 GT, which should be at least also that fast. On that system, the same Progs are very slow.

Are there probably some opengl files/drivers/whatever i should install to improve performance?

thank you

Other than new updated graphics drivers from there is nothing really for you to download.

With that said, a 7600GT should be way faster, way WAY faster than a 9800 Pro, so i am thinking that there may be something else slowing it down, like an overzealous antivirus program, way to little ram, a slow processor and so on.