OpenGl overlays in stereo mode?

Hi everybody,

I got one question concerning OpenGL overlays - couldn’t find an answer in the documentation so far:
I’d like to run both rendering contexts in stereo mode. Given a graphic card which supports both stereo display and OpenGL overlays (like 3D labs Oxygen or Nvidia QuadroFX), is it possible to display stereo images in the overlay?

Couldn’t find an answer to this question so far, so if anybody knows more about this subject, I would be very glad to hear from you.


be quicker to try it and see, rather than post a question on a newsgroup and sit on yer arse waiting.

That ain’t possible at the moment.
The point is that I’m currently using a graphic card which doesn’t support OpenGL overlays, and I need to know what is possible in regards to overlays in stereo mode to decide if it makes sense to buy a new card or if it would be wasted money.

Ok, Tom Nuydens over at has a program called glinfo which reports various capabilities of your card, and if you accept, will email the results to for subsequent storage in that sites hardware info section, so other people can check card capabilities.
Unfortunately it doesn’t extract available pixel formats from the drivers, which is what you need to ascertain whether overlays + stereo are supported.
Tom, would it be too much hassle to add a pixel format enumerator to your glinfo prog?