- ranking system?

Attention:This has nothing to do with programming!!!
Just curious:
How does the ranking system work?Even the most active members I now don´t have a rank higher than “freqent contibutor”.


if(user.messages_posted>30) messages=“Frequent Contributor”
else message=“Contributor”

But I don’t know for sure

But its sad, a ranking-system like the one on really motivates the people to help…

P.s.:Im not English so I just want to know the real meaning of lol.What meaning does it have:
1.The joke was really good.
2.It is ironic and means the opposite
(I don´t think so)


I think its short for:
Laughing Out Loud

There’s also:
Rolling On the Floor LOL

Hey man do you think I use LOL if I even don´t know what it stands for???
But my question seems to be answered anyway ,´cause as it looks in your post LOL is not used in an ironic way…

P.s.:But ROFLOL is pretty cool!

P.p.s:Why does this ****ing wink( ) smiley look like someone who was hit by a club?

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Well no doubt he was.