/!\ OpenGL.org may harm my computer?

Google Chrome report a quite annoying message when reaching my favourite website: OpenGL.org. I think it worse some investigation !

The message with a red background…:
“Warning: Visiting this site may harm your computer!”


Same from Firefox, I wrote to webmaster (at) Khronos.org about this issue.

Here is the error report :

now the Internet Explorer comes in handy :wink:

I see a DX conspiracy :o

It seems I was infected with a Trojan called “Desktop Security 2010” from this…(fortunately I don’t run as admin so it seems to be easy to remove)

Yesterday Norton 360 gave me the message:
An intrusion attempt from www.opengl.org/ was blocked: “MSIE Java Deployment Toolkit Input Invalidation”
At the same time a window popped up asking if i wanted to install windows media player.
This happened twice in a row on the home page.