OpenGL or DirectDraw for a StarCraft like game?

I allread know a little OpenGL and anyways some one told me i should go with direct draw anyways for a StarCraft like game. well anyways should i go with OpenGL or DirectDraw?

Either is nearly just as good in 2D. However, I personally feel that Direct Draw has a slight edge in 2D graphics, as you can lock the frame buffer and directly manipulate the pixels. But if that kind of access isn’t necessary, then I’d go with what you know best.

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If portability is a concern, you will use OpenGL.

I’d second that.

if u dont have a 3d card directdraw (or fastgraph) is about your only option. though if you do ild go for gl. with directdraw u cant do blending or rotation of sprites easily. ie u have to do all the calculations yourself

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if you don’t want to use/fear to use OOP, i would recommend opengl.

anyway both will working if you want oOp.


Hello there,

well as of DX8 ,DirectDraw has ceased to
exist so i would go with opengl as you
already know some.


But the functionality of DirectDraw is still there. You can still make 2D programs with DirectGraphics. Its just that if you don’t have a 3D card, it’ll be super slow. And if you want to use DirectDraw, then use DirectX 7, DirectX 8 does not replace or delete it (for the most part) when installed. But I still stick with what I said earlier, if you are not concerned about portability, then use what you know best. Otherwise OpenGL is the wise choice to make.

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