OpenGL or DirectDraw fo 2D?


I don’t know anything about DirectDraw, but I know OpenGL is designed for 3D graphics. My question is: it’ll be faster to write a 2D program in OpenGL or DirectDraw? If there is somebody who knows DD I’ll be grateful for an answer.


Hi !

DirectDraw might be faster for 2D graphics depending on what you want to do, in OpenGl you have to create textures and put them on quads to render them in 2D, this is fast when you have set it all up, but if you need to modify the textures on the fly or something like that might be slow.

Also, textures in OpenGL has limitations on size (multiple of two and so on).

If you are just interested in 2D and running on Windows you might have a go with DirectDraw, but if you have any plans to port to any other OS OpenGl is a much better choice.


If I make money on this 2D game I will start developing something in 3D OpenGL. I’m sure of that.