OpenGL, OpenGL for Java or Java3d

Okay, so I know some basic OpenGl,
and i’m exploring options as far as putting 3d programs onto web pages. Anyone have any advice?
I tried exploring OpenGl for Java, but i can’t even get the code to compile correctly for me. And i haven’t even begun to look at Java3d, since i know C/C++ and wasn’t looking forward to expanding my limited knowledge of Java by mashing Java3d into my head.
Don’t we have pills that will just pop knowledge into brains yet?!
Anyway. So is there anyone that could help me out here? show a rookie what he’s doing wrong? here, thanks.

Hi !

gl4java is one of the best for Java, Java 3D is nice, but it takes some pretty huge resources to run, it’s a big nasty download and takes some time to learn.

gl4java is the same as the C API version, the only difference is that you prepend a gl. or glu. before the function name, so if you already know how to use OpenGL from C and know som ebasic Java, it’s very easy to get started with.

And you can use gl4java in an applet so that you can run it on a website.


You can use an ActiveX control to display opengl in your webpage.

so if i used opengl in an applet, with it be hardware accelerated also? (assuming i have a decent 3d card that supports opengl acceleration)

X3D is becoming a new standard in 3D graphics for the web. Check out the website at: