OpenGL only works at AGP1X. Why???

I just flashed my MicronPC MoBo with the latest BIOS (v2.32)from them.

I can now run D3D at AGP4X. With the old BIOS I could only get 2x with D3D and OGL. However OpenGL now only runs at AGP1X. I get a system hangup running at 2x or 4x. Even the OGL screensavers that came with Win98 cause me to hang. D3D apps run fine at AGP4x.

I’d like to keep this BIOS since it has more good then bad. I can still use AGP1X for OGL, thankfully.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to get at least AGP2x back for OGL?


Tyan Trinity 400 (S1854). Apollo Pro 133a
PIII-733EB FSB 133Mhz.
256 Meg
Creative Annialator 2 (nVidia GeForce 2 GTS)
nVidia ref. drivers v 5.32

You might want to try upgrading the drivers and messing with the BIOS AGP settings. I’ve seen the drive level settings make a significant difference but only have a vague idea of what they do.

Look in your win.ini file (Start, Run, type win.ini) for a line that says DVA=0. If there, I think it is in 386eh section. If so, rename it by putting a semi-colon in front of the line. Save and reboot. If it does not help, or causes other problems, change it back. The only fix I have seen so far, on Trinity 400 & GeForce, is to revert back to previous bios version.