OpenGL only draws one object, should draw more?

Im trying to draw an object with multiple buffers, each with its own vao and ebo. OpenGL however only draws the first buffer and leaves the other 4. The code works by going through a for loop until each buffer has been called with glDrawElements, assigning the textures and binding the buffer and vao along the road.

Here's the relevant code: (written in c#)

for (int i = 0; i < Materials.Count; i++)

glBindBuffer(GL_ARRAY_BUFFER, GeneratedBuffers[i]);

shader.SetFloat("material.shininess", Materials[i].Shininess);
shader.SetInt("material.diffuse", GL_TEXTURE0);
shader.SetInt("material.specular", GL_TEXTURE1);

shader.SetMatrix("model", Matrix.IdentityMatrix
* new Matrix(Scaling, translation)
* (MathC.GetRotationXMatrix(rotationX)
* MathC.GetRotationYMatrix(rotationY)
* MathC.GetRotationZMatrix(rotationZ)));

glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES, indices[i].Count, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, (void*)0);


full file here:

Just guessing, but I suspect the relevant code is actually where you configure your VAOs, e.g. check if the correct buffer object is bound when making glVertexAttribPointer calls and bind the index buffer after binding the VAO, etc.
Also, are you checking for glError and have a debug callback?
If you skip rendering or even creating the first object does the second one render correctly?

Thank you so much for your answer!

my opengl port for c# doesnt support that kind of debugging, but im working on that right now. Thanks to your remark about checking on other objects correctly rendering I found out that an old piece code was assigning values wrong. I fixed the issue, thanks.