openGL on WINNT

i got a problem using openGL on windows NT (my operating system is Win NT ver 4.0 with service pack ver 5.0). Whenever i want to execute the application using openGL.dll, the crash always happened, so i can’t execute the exe …
Why my appication ask for the openGL.dll ?
instead of openGL32.dll
If there some setup or option that have to been set before i use openGL on win nt ?

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isn’t the opengl.dll SGI’s file and the opengl32.dll microsofts? you’ve probably have those mixed… -they don’t :slight_smile:

(and the for the sgi-version, I think it’s not even supported anymore???)


thank’s jonn,
but why, when my application run, is always require opengl.dll ?
i already try to move the opengl.dll and use opengl32.dll but now i can’t show my window application (only MS-DOS shell window that showed)

When you created your application, did you link against the correct opengl library ?? I am not sure if that could affect you.


I think that you may beable to just make a copy of the opengl32.dll and rename it to opengl.dll

so you have two opengl.dll files in your sytem32 directory:

opengl.dll and

but here are some trick that i aleady try:

  1. i aleady put on opengl.dll on window\system
  2. and put on the opengl32.dll on window\system32
  3. the link that i made were consist of : glaux.lib, glu32.ib, glut.lib glut32.lib and opengl32.lib

but still i got the same
isn’t my os (winnt) in trouble or what ?

First off, you’re linking against OpenGL32.dll, Microsoft’s implementation. If what you did is copy the SGI OpenGL.dll file to the winnt\system32 dir, its not going to work.

First, I would suggest the following…

extract the microsoft opengl32.dll file from the cd or the service pack (if the service pack updates it). Recompile, if it works, then try to run it. If it runs, it means you corrupted your opengl32.dll file when you tried to “install” the other opengl.

Secondly, to use the microsoft implementations of opengl, make sure that you’re including gl/gl.h, gl/glu.h, and gl/glaux.h (if you need it). if you’re trying to use the SGI implementation of opengl, then INSTALL IT ACCORDING TO THE INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS and follow the coding guidelines that come with it to specify the includes and the libs.

As of right now, your app sounds like its screwed up because you’re trying to use the microsoft libraries with the sgi dll.


thank’s a lot guys