openGL on windows XP

I am completely new to openGL.I have a dimension desktop with a video card R350.The driver currently installed is a ATI Radeon 9800.So,when I run FSL on a linux box from my machine,I get a error ‘your system has no openGL support’.When I google for it I couldn’t get a driver that suits
my system(atleat i do not know which driver to use)on ATI site.Please…any help appreciated.

hi i am mico

hi thanks for the reply,I installed the catalyst driver from ATI site,didn’t work,the error which I get:(as before)
Xlib:extension “GLX” missing on display ipaddress.0:0
Xlib:extension “GLX” missing on display ipaddress.0:0
The system has no openGL support.Exiting

I get this when I try to use FSLview when connected to a linux box remotely.
any help appreciated…

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