OpenGL on windows virtual machine, outdated version

I’m trying to run a game engine on my windows 7 virtual machine. This engine requires OpenGL 2.1 or later to run. For some reason the virtual machine (parallels) keeps giving the engine OpenGL version 1.3. The graphics card on my mac has OpenGL 3.3. The vm can use DirectX10 fine but not OpenGL. I have had this same problem on virtualbox and bootcamp. Does anyone know what may be causing the incorrect version use?

Parallels Desktop currently supports OpenGL 2.1 only (not higher).

I don’t know why you’re stuck at 1.3; maybe you have an outdated version of Parallels? Either way, this is a limitation of Parallels itself rather than of Windows or anything else.

As I said before, I have the same results on two other different virtual machines, virtualbox and bootcamp. This is not just happening on my parallels machine. I did see that parallels only supports up to 2.1, which is fine for what I need. I’m just still stuck with 1.3. I talked to parallels support and they said everything seems fine with the virtual machine and that it was openGL that was causing the problem.

I can 100% tell you that their response is bogus.

OpenGL isn’t a software library; it’s implemented by the manufacturer of your graphics hardware in their driver. In the case of a VM, the OpenGL implementation is therefore provided by the VM vendor. When Parallels tell you that the problem is with OpenGL, what they really mean is that it’s with their OpenGL implementation.

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