OpenGL on Win7 x64 & ATI FirePro V3750

Hi All,

We have a couple of machine configuration where we cannot make OpenGL to work in any manner.

The machine:
Windows 7 Pro x64 with ATI FirePro V3750 latest drivers from ATI

The program:
Managed C# WinForms App interacting with OpenGL like Tao.Framework does

The problem:
Compiling with Platform target as AnyCPU works on all x86 machines, on most of Windows 7 x64 but not on the following ones (so far):
a) Windows 7 Pro x64 with ATI FirePro V3750
b) Windows 7 Pro x64 with ATI Mobility Radeon XXXX (can’t remember at time of writing, I will provide it)

Setting the Platform target as x86 even on these problematic machines it works.

What do we need to check to solve this issue?

Can glIntercept tool help in this scenario?

Where can I find a checklist to use opengl32.dll from x64 process?

EDIT: forgot the most important thing, the error is an AccessViolationException on wglCreateContext(Uint32 hDC). Could it be generated from an invalid hDC handle? The handle is what the GetDC() is returning, therefore it should be valid, right?