Opengl on win 7 ati radeon hd 2600 toshiba ntb

Good day,
I have a problem with istalling opengl on my toshiba notebook. I have windows 7 operating system, ati radeon hd 2600 graphic. I cant install newest driver from my graphics manufacturer, because toshiba make its own. Latest driver from toshiba is one year old and include opengl 2.1 implementation. I need to install at least 3.1 version. Is there any option to istall this version on my ntb?


You can download drivers for Mobility Radeons from here:

Click the ‘All Graphics - Notebook’ link, select your graphics card and OS. The current drivers are Catalyst 10.7. I believe it will work on your Toshiba notebook.

i have tried it hundred times, different versions, mobility, not mobility, mobility modder etc. nothing works.

i need opengl implementation from another source than graphic driver.
is it possible?

Describe what’s happening when it fails. Are you getting any specific error messages (and if so, what are they) or is it going through the process of installing the driver but staying at 2.1?

The error message is that display error isnt installed due to incompatible hardware. The problem is, that some notebooks manufacturers didnt allow ATI to make drivers for graphics on their notebooks. Toshiba makes its own display driver (modificating the original from ATI) and the last is one year old with OpenGL 2.1 implementation. Any other installation of display driver from ati webpage doesnt install display driver, because, as it said, incompatible hardware. On webpage is for download a tool, that can modificate ATI display driver installation so that can it be istalled on a “incompatible hardware” as it said. But this didnt work for me.

This link might help, though no clue:…others-sad.html

If you need GL3.1 just for development work, you can try use Linux and use the ATI drivers for Linux… I have a very large GL3.x project and the ATI Mobile Radeon gave the same correct output in both Linux and Windows7 64bit.

oh man. thanks a lot. the driver modded with Driver Magician works. But it is strange, because i call for help on driverheaven too, but anyone can help me.

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