OpenGL on NT vs. 98 problem

I wrote an application on a Windows2000 machine in OpenGL, however it seems that when I test it on a machine running Windows98, the colors get messed up (Everything was red). I use GLColor3fv() to set the colors, so thinking this may be a source of incompatabilities, I changed to using GLColor3iv() by multiplying all of my float RGB values by 255, but that didn’t work on any platform (I always got black). Has anyone ever expirienced this before?

I got some kind of similar problem.
I know this thread is old, but it’s urgent and really importand to me so I decided to revive this thread.

I wrote a model viewer for Milkshape3D files and it works perfectly on Windows NT 4.0
When I try to run the same program on Windows 98 though, only the perfectly red colors are rendered.
That results in very weird looking lighting of the red parts and no lighting of the other colored parts of the model.
That means: polygons with a color other than (255, 0, 0) - I’m talking standard rgb here - are displayed black no matter what. The red parts of the model are lit. Somehow. If some light shines on them, they appear in the bright perfect red, and when there isn’t any light shining onto them, they are displayed pitch black.
When I turn of the lighting, the model is flat and white, of course, so OpenGL does work. When I display the file with Milkshape or some other file viewer, it gets displayed correctly, so my system, drivers and hardware are all working.
when I set my background color to something different than red or black, it works perfectly, so it’s not about color modes or so.
What can this be? I’m willing to provide any information needed to solve this problem.
If you need further info, just ask.
I’ll do (almost) anything to solve this problem!

This is really importand to me. Pleeeeaaaaze try to help me, will you?