OpenGL on laptop/notebook?

Anyone know what “mobile” video chipsets (if any!) provide hardware OpenGL support?

I’m starting to spec out a new laptop, and full OpenGL support (or as close as I can get) is definately a requirement. What chipsets found in the latest laptops/notebooks will do it?

Many thanks for all helpful replies.

Think I’ve seen some laptops with OpenGL accelerators built in. They have all been based on ATI-chips. Not 100% sure though.

Yes, all the laptops with a ATI Rage Mobility (Rage 128 in fact) chipset are able to provide OpenGL graphics…

Just a warning about 3D-accelerators for laptops. They are NOT the same as accelerators for bigger computers, they are WAY slower. Don’t expect too much.

Well, guess we have to wait for the NV11 to appear (this a light geforce for laptops…).


I ordered an ATI Mobility based PC for the sales guy at my company… and Im afraid to say the OpenGL performance was far from impressive.

It took about 2 months for drivers that support OpenGL (rather than a black screen OpenGL window) to be published and they are still pretty poor.