OpenGL on different renderers

Hi, All.

I have a problem. I have a possibility that my program will trying to run on computer with to different Video Card that both support OpenGL (for example GeForce and Voodoo 3, or GeForce and Riva TNT). How can I select firts or second Card for rendering? I think windows always try to use default OpenGL, but I want to select and use renderer by myself not by windows. Please help.

Yours, Mad Max.

P.S. If someone have source or know where I can get it, please write.

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I dont think thats possible!. I know its possible for direct3d, in OpenGL (wgl I guess) there are no functions for that. I dont know of any anyway.

And who’s fault is that!!!..

But if its a Voodoo2 (or 1) and another card I guess you could. By loading the dlls dynamically…

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check out this article by Brian Hook

somewhere in the article he mentions that only one ICD can exist on win32 platforms

The URL is :

theres some info in the faq about this, basically i think its possible if the 2 cards are similar