OpenGL on Chromixium

I’m in the proccss of restoring multiple programs that i had installed when i was on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS. In the midst of running one of the programs, it informed me AFTER CRASHING that i did not have OpenGL of any kind. Let it be known that Chromixium is Ubuntu 14.04 AND Chromium OS in combination. So 80% of Ubuntu commands and .deb files work but Chromixium “prefers” Debian made packages rather than Ubuntu made packages. Please help me install OpenGL!


Step 1. Look which GPU vendor made your GPU (NVidia, AMD, etc.).
Step 2. Install Linux GL drivers for that GPU.
Step 3. Configure for your monitor setup.

If you still have your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file from your last install, you can probably just reuse that for #3.

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