OpenGL on a StarCore simulator

Hello Friends,

I need to run the openGL imolementation on a motorola simulator called starcore. Can you please tell me how I can proceed:
1>Where can I find the source code for OpenGL?
2>How do I make sure it can run on the platform I want it to run?

Iam completely new to this .Any help will be appreciated.


hi Sheetal,

if you want to port OpenGL (or something similar) to a new platform, then you have two choices (to my knowledge):

  • port Mesa, which is a full (and official) OpenGL implementation. it is very stable but also very large and maybe quite difficult to port

  • port Klimt, which is not a licenced nor full implementanation, but small and easy to port. if you need help contact me.


Thanks Daniel.

As you said Klimt is easy and portable to port I guess I will go with it.

Can you please give me the link to this code?

Can I directly compile and run this on the simulator or need to do something more?

Best wishes,

hi Sheetal,

as jon reminded me kindly, Mesa is ofcourse not an official implementation. that was a mistake of mine. sorry for that. what i meant was that it p***es the conformance tests.

about your port:

i don’t know about that motorola simulator so i can’t predict how easy it will really be for you to port Klimt (

a minimal version of klimt (without gl or egl surfaces) has only one dependence on the system: a 16-bits RGB565 buffer which klimt can render into. so, if you can provide that from your application, then i see no problems for a simple port.

if you want a more decent port, then you’ll have to spend time optimizing the underlying math lib for your platform. klimt includes a generic mathlib in c++, but it is non-optimized and therefore not as fast as e.g. when using the intel gpp (which is the default option on the PocketPC).


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