OpenGL on 3DFX cards?

Hello all!
Just wondering if there is any ‘special’ initialization that needs to be done when running OpenGL on a voodoo card? Thanks a ton,

There is no special initialization to do, but since I have a voodoo, i give you some advice for this ‘special’ card :

  • The voodoo displays only in fullscreen, so if you’re in 1024x768 and it can display only 640x480, maybe it will be messed up
  • And don’t try to change the window siwe, it could also be bad.

In fact it depends on the driver, but there is one thing that will always work : before starting you program, switch to the resolution your 3D card supports, and that should work. Then try some things to see what you can do and what you can’t.

Also don’t forget that if you are on a voodoo1 or voodoo2 (add in 3D cards), you need to have the 3dfx opengl32.dll file in your program’s directory. Otherwise it will use the primary graphics card (and if it doesn’t support 3D - all will be software)…

voodoo3 cards need no extra setup.

I should know, I have one.