OpenGL Occlusion Queries on ATi Cards

Hi there. I’m looking into very large-scale rendering using a Mac and OpenGL, and I’m working on occlusion code at the moment to make this manageable on any desktop hardware.

I notice that there is an extension, “ARB_occlusion_query” that should be available for use, and it would probably be implemented using ATI’s Hyper-Z functionality.

My questions are: how can I access this extension, or is this not yet available on the Mac?

I’ve generally stuck to OpenGL 1.2 specific code until now, making no real use of extensions, so you’ll have to be patient if this s an obvious question.


This is a very new extension and has not yet been implemented on the Mac. The older NV_occlusion_query hasn’t been implemented either though…

You can find a list of which extensions are supported on which video hardware under which versions of Mac OS X here:

Thanks. I did a little more research after posting and discovered this (and a few more fun things).

I’m holding out hope for the inclusion of occlusion as part of OpenGL 1.5.

It’ll be just the thing to speed up my cPLP implementation.

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