"OpenGl not supported......" but i KNOW is IS supported in CS

I’m having trouble with Counter-Strike. I’ve always played CS in OpenGl mode, for years, and no problem. Them a few days ago, BAM, it gives me the messege “Selected OpenGL is not supported by you video card” But I know it is supported… I’ve updated my drivers, ive played with every setting i can find, and ive even become so desperated ive REFORMATED! Still gives me thw same messeage. Please help, i just hate d3d…

I have Windows 2000 Pro &
a Geforce2 Ti

i have GeForce4 Ti4200 and Win Xp Pro, and i have the same problem with you. It says OpenGL is not supported. I though it occured because of the drivers and i downloaded the latest drivers of GeForce4 Ti4200 but it still has same error