OpenGL not functioning?

Ok, I’ve been trying to help a person on ICQ with his Half-Life. He claims that all of a sudden OpenGL stopped working. I had him check for any old versions of opengl32.dll on his computer and had him install latest WHQL detonators for his card. Still nothing worked. Does anyone know what oculd be wrong? The OS is Win98.

Check win.ini for a DVA=0 string.

Originally posted by nvidia_linux:
Check win.ini for a DVA=0 string.

Are you supposed to have the DVA=0 string in the win.ini file? If you are, then where should it be placed?

I am having the same problem with half-life and OpenGL. I just bought a Epox 8K7A Mainboard and a AGP GeForce2 GTS video card. Everything works fine untill I play half-life using OpenGL, it just crashes as soon as begin playing the game. Although Direct 3D works fine but I prefer OpenGL.