OpenGL not functioning properly in Win32 Release Build

I a complex Visual Studio C++ 2008 Windows Forms Project that uses OpenGL heavily. Everything works great in Debug build, but the Release Win32 build causes my textures to get all confused with each other.

Any ideas?

Windows XP Pro 32 SP3
Visual Studio 2008 SP1

I get confused thinking about textures confusing each other. In most cases, debug and release configurations shouldn’t tamper with the basic data flow in any way and if you got your texture bindings all figured out correctly your program shouldn’t change it’s behavior to the point of behaving incorrectly.

Forgive me for blaming my textures, they really are very nice textures. I’m sure you’re right that there are some problems there. How do you suppose the app could work as I intended with the debug/multithread DLL runtime, but not the release runtime? I’ve narrowed the problem down to that one preference.

I think in debug, VC cleans a lot of data, ie. initialize memory to 0 by default, reserve more padding between allocations, and disable some optimization. So my theory is that you have a subtle bug in your implementation, but debug mode hides it.

Do you think the bug is likely related to bad calls where I could test with glGetError(), or is it more likely poor (but legal) texture management?

Testing with glGetError() should be always on.
But it is more probable that this problem is due to bugs in the way you define/load/use textures.

I think you’re right because I do check for Framebuffer completeness and basic function errors. I’ll try to get some of my problem code up on this post tomorrow. But, tonight, it’s Barry Manilow at the Hollywood Bowl!!!