OpenGL Mouse to World Coordinates / python

I have been stuck for a few days now. I saw all the sources I could find and tried a more than one technique. Anyway here is my code (gathered from a few places) the closes Ive gotten is close to the mouse cursor but not quite there

	x, y = pygame.mouse.get_pos()

	model_view = np.array(glGetDoublev(GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX))
	proj = np.array(glGetDoublev(GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX))
	view = np.array(glGetIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT))
	corrected_y = view[3]-y
	corrected_x = x	

	depth = glReadPixels(x, corrected_y, 1, 1, GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT, GL_FLOAT)
	print (depth)	
	pointa = np.array(gluUnProject(corrected_x, corrected_y, -1))
	originalpt = np.array(gluUnProject(corrected_x, corrected_y, 1, model_view, proj,view))
	print (originalpt, " original pt")

	print("pointa", pointa,"  originalpt",originalpt)
	ray = originalpt - pointa
	raydirection = np.linalg.norm(ray)
	print (raydirection, "ray dir")
	print("ray", ray)
	normal = np.array([0.00,1.00,0.00,])
	t = -((
	#point = originalpt+ raydirection*t
	point = originalpt + (t*raydirection)
	print("tttt", t)

	print(point,"point intrs")

please not this is not the best version of the code. there was a better version that got me closer, by changing the equation of point to = originalpt + t* pointa

Pass the value from the depth buffer as the third parameter (winZ) to gluUnProject.

Also: the winX/winY parameters should normally be:

	corrected_x = x + 0.5	
	corrected_y = view[3] - y - 0.5

as those are the window coordinates of the centre of the pixel containing the mouse cursor, rather than the top-left corner. The values in the depth buffer are obtained by interpolating the triangle at the centre of each pixel.

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