OpenGL && MFC??? glReadPixels prob... || GL_SELECT prob

Yeah, my code is far to annoyingly large to dump in here…

In summary I am having some nasty problems with my rubix cube game in that when glReadPixels with appropriate mouse coords it doesnt return anything.

And I am having lots of problems with using the GL_SELECT stuff, I have plenty of examples but nothing I do seems to make:

hits = glRenderMode (GL_RENDER);

  • doesnt return anything at all. Likewise with the glReadPixels() func, it does nothing to my GLfloat pixel.

As long as someone can answer one of these questions for me, my life will be saved.

I know just how you feel, I can’t get simple text to work with opengl and mfc. As for your questions I think you need to post some more code in order for anyone to see the problem, I myself don’t have a clue, it isn’t an area I worked in before but I would be very interested in how your selection works ( or is supposed to work) as I will soon need to usesuch functions in my mfc/opengl level editor.